Show Notes: Lav Mic Recommendations

On this episode, I’m responding to a call-in from Jazz Wealth Podcast.

I went down the rabbit hole and spent way too many hours figuring out what lavalier microphone to buy. The top three inexpensive recommendations were always the same, though the three were in different orders. Here’s my top three in the order I recommend.

#1 BOYA by M1 – This is the one I bought. The sound is crisp and clear, build seems okay, and it can be used with your phone or an SLR. The only drawback is the exceedingly long cable, but I think I can mitigate that with some clever winding. $19.95 on Amazon with four stars.

#2 IK Multimedia iRig – I was super tempted to buy this one. The cable was the perfect length, it has a second input for adding another lav mic. Alas, I just couldn’t get past the bass the mic threw out. Sure I could fix it in post, but I don’t want to have to do anything. I want to get it right the first time. $49.99 on Amazon with 4.5 stars.

#3 Rode smartLav+ – This one sounds good, but the cable is too short for some distance work and it’s priced above the other two options. I don’t think the extra cost is worth it. $66.70 on Amazon with four stars.

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Top Three iOS Email Apps

Best iOS Email Apps

  • Today we’re going to host a three way battle of epic proportions. There’s a fight going on for your time. You have text messages. Push notifications. To-do items getting thrown onto our screens and email coming in all day long on top of all of that.
  • What can we do to help streamline one of the greatest time sucks known to man, or at least to this man? Yeah, it’s email and it’s time to find a tool to help us manage this garbage in a way that leaves us time to catch a beer with friends after work and not have a knot in our stomachs as we worry that we’re missing something. That’s the worst!
  • Sure, you can use the built in Mail App on your phones. But, if you’re like me, you have multiple email addresses, ways you’d like to manage the mail like snooze, bulk archive, favorite, unsubscribe from marketing email, tag, and have a robust search function that finds the one solitary email matching the criteria to prove that you’re right. You did email that update, though no one remembers.
  • I’m Rex Barrett with The Maven’s Top Three and I’m going to introduce you to the three email apps I’ve used and recommend to people looking to up their email game.
  • Why should you trust me? I’ve been studying, researching, and using third party email apps for years. I’ve committed countless hours to learning the ins and outs of dozens of apps like these. Again, I’ve used these apps daily for months at a time and feel confident in telling you which of these you should buy, explore, and use daily. Yes, I said buy. As a general rule, it’s a best practice to pay for apps. Why? Because apps that make money are apps that innovate and pay developers to continue to develop. Sure we all have free apps, but those are investor driven or ad driven. If you’re not paying, you’re the product. Facebook and Twitter aren’t catering to you, it’s catering to advertisers at the expense to your privacy. When you pay for a product, you help drive where the product is heading. The person paying is the person driving.
  • Now, some of these apps might be on Android, but I’ve been iOS since day one, so I can’t vouch for them. So, let’s jump in and explore my Top Three iOS Email Apps!

Segment One – Airmail

  • Airmail is beautiful and it lives on my iPhone though it’s not my daily driver. It comes in as third place for email, but it’s dang good.
  • Airmail boasts a unified email inbox, meaning all my email get sent into one box that is color coded right in the app. You can use any email provider imaginable.
  • The way it handles the multiple accounts is special. Each account gets an icon you customize so that you can get in the mood to handle personal email and at a glance know which messages you want to deal with.
  • The actions you can do right inside the app are powerful. Archive, trash, add or remove a star as a way to categorize your email, snooze email for later, apply a label, mark senders as VIPs who will show up in a special inbox, mark email as spam, and tons and tons of other actions right from the sheet that pulls out from the right side of the screen.
  • I love how you can create groups in your contacts and then simply email that entire group by typing that group name into the send to field.
  • Sure other apps can do the above-mentioned ideas, but this app handles it with grace and ease.
  • It goes for $4.99 and is three stars for the current version, but it’s pushing four stars on all versions as the Apple Watch is poorly implemented and the search function can be lacking, though I believe that to be a current bug.

Yessir Clip

Segment Two – Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook for iOS and Android lets you manage and other email accounts, calendars, contacts, and files without switching between different apps.
  • I’ve connected Gmail, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and my OneDrive in one beautiful place. When I think Microsoft I think anything but clean design choices. This app shocks me, though. It’s so clean and easy to use.
  • Outlook uses swipe gestures. Meaning you can customize swiping left and right to be exactly what you want it to be. Want to archive, do it right from the inbox screen. Want to favorite something. Again, do it right from the inbox screen. Want to schedule an email to be seen at a later date. Maybe you need to deal with a specific message on Friday. Swipe and you have the email showing up right when you need it. Scheduling is powerful because it allows you to trust that an email is there and ready for action on the day you need it, removing clutter from the inbox which in turn eliminates the mental strain of seeing it every time you open the app.
  • This app is powerful when you’re tying your calendar to it. You can send specific availability for meetings right in the email without going to your calendar. Draft an email and simply offer open times on Wednesday for the person to choose from. When they pick, it’s automatically added to your calendar!
  • While I’m not a fan of focused email inboxes, this does have it and it has a good one. Your new and important emails are in one unified email inbox prioritized by magic. And yes, the magic works.
  • Attaching files is so easy. I use Dropbox personally, Google Drive for one of my teams, and Microsoft OneDrive with another team. It allows me to bend to what MY CLIENTS want, not forcing them to use my file system. Need to attach a PDF, grab it from Dropbox RIGHT THERE IN THE APP.
  • This is a great app and is a solid number two in my book. Though it is good enough to be number one for many.
  • It’s currently rated 4.6 on the Apple App Store with nearly 25,000 reviews and is free, but funded by their many customers who use Microsoft services.
  • Get email on your mobile device

Segment Three – Spark by Readdle (Highrise)

  • Spark bills itself as a beautiful and intelligent email app. This app lives up to its billing. Lives up to it so much, in fact, that it was voted by apple as being the “Best of 2016”. Heck yeah, it’s that good and it’s my number one go-to app for processing my email inbox.
  • This app lets you go through your inbox amazingly fast. It’s smart, in that its internal robot gets the important messages to you right at the top, it’s unified in that all your accounts are in one place, and it magically categorizes the emails as they come in. For example, you have all your new messages up top, newsletters under that, and you can even pin important messages to deal with at a later time.
  • Spark lets you work with all of your email addresses from any email client, including Google, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, and any IMAP account you might have.
  • The snooze feature is great. You can customize it to get to later in the day, tomorrow, or push it to the weekend. It’s great for travel as you can have all those important emails show up on that important day.
  • The notifications are great. I have email notifications turned off for most of my apps. Typically, you are all or nothing. Get every notification of every email message coming in, or no notifications at all. With this app, you can choose to have smart notifications. Turn this on for an email you’re waiting for. Turn it on for your boss’ email address and reply quickly. It’ll shoot you just the notifications you want.
  • Don’t let me forget to tell you that this app is beautiful. The cruft gets out of the way and you get clean text that’s a joy to read and process. There’s a lot about working in something created beautifully. If you don’t like the look of the app, it’s hard to want to use the app. This app streams to be used.
  • Attachments are a breeze, you have multiple places to pull files from, which is important. You don’t want to have to exit an app to grab a link to a file, you want to do it right there in the app, saving valuable time. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Evernote, it’s all tied into this app. So cool.
  • Composing email is a breeze. Email signatures can be customized and saved, then all you have to do is swipe between them to make sure you’re representing yourself exactly how you’d like.
  • Search is a cinch and is easily the most powerful search I’ve ever used in an email app. You can search in plain English, looking for “attachments from Josh in the last week” and boom, there they are.
  • The customization is next level. We all work slightly differently, so your email client should reflect that. You can have it look and behave in a very granular way so that you see exactly what you want to see when that app is opened.
  • Spark is free but is supported by the company that is selling a suite of apps for creating PDFs, scanning documents, calendaring, and using your iPhone to print. This is a great app that’s the gateway drug to you possibly buying their other offerings.
  • This app has 15,687 reviews and sits at 4.7 stars. It’s a must download in my book. Try it out, I think you’ll love it!
  • The best email app for iPhone iPad and Mac | Spark

026 Wrap up and how to connect (Compton)

  • And this, my friends, is how you bust out a podcast in about ten minutes that contains an amount of information that will blow your mind and make you better at handling your email inbox.
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Fasting for Dummies – I’m the Dummy


Getting old sucks. Trigger warning. Getting old and fat is even worse. Struggling with weight is my thing. I can get lean-ish and then hit the holidays and put on double digit pounds. The weight is trending down right now and a lot of that is due to the concept of intermittent fasting. The information coming out is looking good.

When you dig through the data, it starts to get pretty exciting. It decreases breast cancer risk and recurrence by as much as 36%, improves sleep, has positive effects on markers of systemic inflammation, and regulates blood glucose levels and other aging biomarkers. Furthermore, Dr. Longo’s clinical trials have demonstrated efficacy for type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer patients.

The plan is to eat during a specific window of time, but found myself grabbing a snack or three outside the window. Accountability, I figured “there’s an iOS app for that,” and sure enough there was. Zero by The Kevin Rose.

What is the app? Well, it’s a pretty timer. A timer that tells you when you can have Zero food. Thus the simple name. There’s also some videos spewing science. You can watch those if you’d like, but the main part is the timer and its notifications. Wait, one other important thing, the data tracking. Very important.

The easy way to start is with the default plan, the 13 hour timer. Don’t eat for 13 hours, eat clean the other hours. Oh, and don’t eat after sunset lest you go from Mogwai to Gremlin.

Lawyer talk, don’t do this without talking to a doctor. Seems prudent to say this as getting sued would be a terrible way to spend my time.

via Introducing “Zero,” a new app to help you fast – Medium

Trapped With Luke Cage



Finished Luke Cage tonight. The first 3/4 of the season was really great. Felt trapped to watch all episodes as the last few episodes dragged themselves out. Wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t good enough for four stars. You keep Cottonmouth around the whole season and I’m adding a star or two. Gotta love ‘ole Remy Danton.

Edit: One more thing… The artists they got to play the stage in Harlem’s Paradise through the season easily get ★★★★★.

via Marvel’s Luke Cage | Netflix