Welcome to the junk drawer, my name is Rex Barrett. I love, podcastingboardgames, photography, especially Fuji gear, and full-time RV life. Oklahoma City is where I live with my wife Delanie and our two kiddos, Estella Hart and Beaux. Being the Operations Director at Frontline Church is my full-time gig.

The focus, or lack of focus, for this website, is workplace productivity and culture, toys I want to buy, photos I think are interesting, and ideas I wish to share. Basically, this will be the source material for my social media presence. I’m tired of it being split up all over the place.

Like all middle aged knowledge workers, I use a MacBook Pro. Apps that get daily use are OmniFocus, Airmail, nvALT, Bear, and Busycal. Project management is done online via Slack and sadly people still text me.

My current pride and joy is my podcast and below is my latest episode.




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